Portion of Jehovah.
   1) 1 Chr. 6:54.
   2) 1 Chr. 26:11.
   3) The father of Eliakim (2 Kings 18:18, 26, 37).
   4) The father of Gemariah (Jer. 29:3).
   5) The father of the prophet Jeremiah (1:1).
   6) The high priest in the reign of Josiah (1 Chr. 6:13; Ezra 7:1). To him and his deputy (2 Kings 23:5), along with the ordinary priests and the Levites who had charge of the gates, was entrusted the purification of the temple in Jerusalem. While this was in progress, he discovered in some hidden corner of the building a book called the "book of the law" (2 Kings 22:8) and the "book of the covenant" (23:2). Some have supposed that this "book" was nothing else than the original autograph copy of the Pentateuch written by Moses (Deut. 31:9-26). This remarkable discovery occurred in the eighteenth year of Josiah's reign (B.C. 624), a discovery which permanently affected the whole subsequent history of Israel. (See Josiah; Shaphan.)
   7) Neh. 12:7.
   8) Neh. 8:4.

Easton's Bible Dictionary. . 1897.

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